Facebook page verification for clubs

Facebook just created a ‘facebook page’ verification setting, so if your page is ‘verified’ it m

Top 10 core exercises for Judoka

So in this video below I have included a video by MMA coach Funk roberts. And yo may be asking “Matt your title sa

2 Great core workouts for grapplers

Abs strength is vital for us grapplers. Core strength helps with: injury prevention power development power transfer mov

Yoga for Grapplers

Here are the Top 9 benefits for  Yoga for grapplers: Lesser injuries. Better breathing [huge!] Better use of energy, so

This strangle choked me unconscious

A few years ago I was doing a ton of no gi Brazilian Jiujitsu and started to think I was getting pretty good at newaza.

What I learnt from a Taekwondo Poster

One of the best parts of Judo is learning from people who are better than you. And when it comes to Martial arts marketi

The danger of supplementing Newaza for Brazilian Jiujitsu

I started Brazilian Jiujitsu about 8 years ago and at the time I didn’t really know much about it. The only real run ins

Effective Judo flyer design checklist for Club owners

Today I am spending the morning laminating A3 posters and posting them at local shopping centers and youth centers. I ge
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