New Judo rules for 2017 – Video

Here are the 3 IJF Referee & Coach Seminar 2017 videos for you.  

Cross Grip Blueprint review by Matt D’Aquino

This week Olympian Rhadi Ferguson released a new training course called “The cross gripping blueprint.” As soon as I saw

Ukemi, Crash Pads and Mat Snobs by Syl Peterkin

Judo as a martial art is especially effective. It is though especially brutal on the body and one of the slowest in term

3 grip strengtheing movements by Travis Stevens

Last week while I was on YT I saw this sweet video by Travis stevens. Grip strength is super important for us grapplers

Competition Mindset for Judo and BJJ

I saw this video on Youtube and loved everything he said about training specifically for your sport. So many judoka play

Facebook page verification for clubs

Facebook just created a ‘facebook page’ verification setting, so if your page is ‘verified’ it m

Top 10 core exercises for Judoka

So in this video below I have included a video by MMA coach Funk roberts. And yo may be asking “Matt your title sa

2 Great core workouts for grapplers

Abs strength is vital for us grapplers. Core strength helps with: injury prevention power development power transfer mov
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