18 Competition effective Osoto gari entries

here are 18 Osoto gari entires for you: Enjoy

Hector Lombard drop seoi nage on 7 foot Judoka

I thought i’d share this video as it is a great example of good Judo, sportsmanship and judo in general:

The best morote seoi nage tutorial on the net

This video by Sensei Hamada is the best Morote seoi nage tutorial on the internet (I think anyway) Check it out And here

Ori Sasson on Ted talk about being a shy, sensitive person

A great video on Ted talk last weekend.

Bernardio faria’s back take

Bernardo Faria Closed Guard Video #1 (Pre-Launch)

New Judo rules for 2017 – Video

Here are the 3 IJF Referee & Coach Seminar 2017 videos for you.  

Cross Grip Blueprint review by Matt D’Aquino

This week Olympian Rhadi Ferguson released a new training course called “The cross gripping blueprint.” As soon as I saw

Ukemi, Crash Pads and Mat Snobs by Syl Peterkin

Judo as a martial art is especially effective. It is though especially brutal on the body and one of the slowest in term
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